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Opportunities at SWH

Still Waters House is always looking for Team Members to join us in ensuring we deliver a superb project. Support and Accommodation is at the heart of all we do,

and we believe that with the right team members we can do this with excellence.

Most of our opportunities are voluntary roles, however, from time to time we will be recruiting the occassional paid job. 

Are you interested in joining one of our teams?​

There's more information below...

Our current vacancies

Support Team Member

Volunteer Role

Working directly with residents to deliver and arrange support in a variety of ways.

This will include housing support to enable residents

to live successfully within SWH properties,

and support to prepare for independant living in the future.

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Housing Teamn Member

Volunteer Role

Working to ensure that our properties are always high quality, safe, and great place to live in.

This will include,

basic repairs,

day to day maintenance,

significant improvements

and adaptations,

and everything in between.

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Admin & Finance Team

Volunteer Role

A project like SWH creates paperwork and requires financial management, and that takes time and skill. From supporting the Treasurer to balance the books, helping the Project Lead and volunteer teams keep on top of things, to the day to day administration of an office that makes everything work perfectly.


Volunteer Role

Any good charity needs good trustees.  SWH aims to be an excellent one!

Could you help us get there? By joining our current team of trustees you will be helping to ensure that the project is effectively run and that everything is done legally and properly so that the charity can thrive and grow as it works to meet its aims and objectives.


Volunteer Role

You might have the passion, but not the time to regularly commit to supporting a resident. A befriender is a limited commitment, light support role which can be of incredible value to the project and the resident.

How about taking someone out for a coffee and a chat,

or enabling them to attend an appointment through transport and moral support.

Befriending can be all manner of things in all manner of ways.

Contact us if you want to know more / 07414555310

Support Team Member

Supporting someone to ovecome the challenges and circumstances that have led to homelessness or vulnerable housing situations is a fulfilling and challenging role. It requires some special qualities, including patience and grace. To over glamorise the role would be foolish, it is deeply rewarding at times, and potentially frustrating at others, but it's so worthwhile.

To be a resident at Still Waters House means you need support, and that support can look very different for every resident. It can sometimes look like this...

  • Emotional support - is a big part of this, coming along side someone who may have felt completely hopeless and believing they are totally worthless, and supporting them to see a future for their lives and the value of their contribution to the world.

  • Practical support - learning to budget, to cook basic meals, to look after a home, or take care of themself, to explore training, employment, the list goes on. It's all essential stuff and it all needs support and encouragement at every stage.

  • Relationship support - whether with house mates, with family, with other SWH team members, with outside agencies or individuals, that's important too.

  • Housing support - to understand the rules, to stick by them, to know how to handle situations and report problems, to manage benefits, and to comply to support plans, so that someone can live peacefully and successfully whilst they are with SWH. And working with the resident to build the skills and the resilience to step out on their own again when the time is right.

Of course, things do not always work out smoothly, or even at all sometimes. But, when you see someone, who with your support and their own determination, has grown in confidence and begun thriving as they embrace a new way of life, and step forward into all the potential of a fulfilled life, it's a wonderful thing.

Download the full role description, and if you're interested, then get in touch...

Role Description (Support)

Housing Team Members

Properties need caring for, and SWH's properties are expected to be top-notch, so caring for them takes time and effort.

Not only do things need reparing and maintaining from time to time, but we are always looking for ways to make them better and better. If you have a bit of time and some skills you can offer then we would love to hear from you. Whether you can attend weekly to undertake all the scheduled maintenance, support with some cleaning, carry out safety checks etc, or it is on an as needed basis to help deal with the unexpect crisis or opportunity, it all helps.

Download the full role description, and if you're interested then get in touch... 

Role Description (Housing)





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