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Still Waters House currently operates one property which accommodates up to four men.

We invite our residents to consider this place their 'home', not simply their accommodation and we have worked hard to make the house a true home environment, with quality fixtures and furniture and a lot of home comforts.

The House

Image by Jaye Haych

Our house is a three storey townhouse situated in a busy and thriving area of the city. It has great public transport links, with bus stops within a few yards, the Metro system a short walk away, and within easy walking distance of the city centre either by road or canal footpath. Although garden space is very limited, it has very easy access to a large public park, reservoir and footpaths which offers open spaces and great walking opportunities.


Image by Raspopova Marina

The house has a fully equipped kitchen which enables our residents to create meals as simple or sumptuous as they desire. Each resident has a personal storage cupboard as well as allocated space within the fridge and a freezer.

Although our residents are generally expected to prepare their own meals, the kitchen enables our residents to receive what has easily become the most popular support activity of all, cookery classes. Ranging from things as basic as how to boil an egg, to simple and healthy meals, as well as more advanced dishes, every session ends the same, with a knife and fork and seat at the table.

Living Room

Image by Behnam Norouzi

The living room offers a second shared space for our residents where they can relax, watch some TV, engage with each other, or entertain guests.

With comfortable chairs, large screen TV, DVD and YouTube, and access to a computer, this room is a valuable space to unwind. 



Each resident has an individual bedroom which is their personal and private space. Every resident has their own key to their bedroom door.

Although the bedrooms are of differing size each one is presented with a single bed and high quality mattress, wardrobe, chest of drawers, bookcase and comfy chair. Our residents are invited to personalise their bedroom (within reason) to create a sense of individualism and ownership.

Dining Room

Image by Tim Mossholder

The dining table is an important part of any home. A place for eating of course, but also a place for conversation and relationship building.

The dining room is shared space, open to anyone that is in the house at the time. A regular space for coffee drinking, informal support chats, entertainment of guests, and so much more, this is a valuable space for all.

The dining room is also used as the venue for House Meetings, where all residents meet with the Housing Manager and Support Team members to discuss matters of the property, support delivery and to explore opportunities or address challenges as necessary.

Other important spaces

Image by Noithat rakhoi

What home is complete without a bathroom? And of course our property is appropriately equipped. With a full bathroom on the ground floor, comprising of a large corner bath, over bath shower, and WC, as well as a first floor shower room and seperate WC, there is plenty of facility to meet our resident's needs.

The first floor shower room also encompasses a laundry facility, with modern washing machine and tumble drier, clothes horse and ironing board. 





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Registered Charity Number: 1200086

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