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Resident Training Resources

Hi, welcome to our training portal. This is a place where you will find an increasing range of training material and information about courses and other opportunities to build your employment and life skills.

Make the most of this and work with the support team

to get the best from it.

Image by Prateek Katyal

General Training (free of charge but no certificate)

Click the link to access the Capital Tutorials material.

Use the password: stillwaters

These resources are very introductory and do not give a certificate at the end, but they are still worth doing if you want to learn about a wide range of things. You will be expected to do some of these courses as part of your Support Plan, the support team will explain this to you. You can choose to do any of the courses if you think they are interesting.

Advanced Training (certificate costs apply)

Click the links to access online training materials. The training is free of charge, but there will be a small charge for the certificate if you successfully complete the course.

Speak to your support team member about this before starting...

Food Hygiene
Fire Safety Awareness
Health & Safety Awareness





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